Sunday, 12 October 2014

Shropshire Open exhibition

Fiona has had two paintings accepted for the Shopshire Open exhibition in Gallery3 at the Gateway in Shrewsbury, showing 13th October to 17th November.

Earlier this year we decided to take a risk and go public with our work by entering local and national competitions. It's been a hit-and-miss experience. Some but not all submissions have been accepted.

We've found that working to the deadlines sharpens the thinking.
Pushing through with a piece of work until it's finished is more satisfying than flitting from one project to another.
Seeing the work selected and hung alongside work from other artists is a validating experience. Meeting other artists and their work is interesting.
It's also a reminder of how art is vibrant and alive in our local communities.

All for the price of small hanging fee.

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