Sunday, 25 November 2012

sketching in Wales

Porthdinllaen in north-west Wales in March this year. A secluded beach, a comfortable cottage right on the shore; clear skies, balmy weather, the sea a smooth sheet of glass reflecting blues from turquoise through azure to ultramarine; daffodils, pale sand and views of distant mountains. Gorgeous.

We travelled on Wednesday and came back on Friday, taking enough paints and paper to last each of us at least a year. Two cars were required to carry it all. The driver who knew the way got lost on the way but quickly recovered. The other driver didn't know the way but followed all the correct roads instinctively.

We sketched and painted all day, fish supper for tea, walked along the beach afterwards by starlight, enjoyed ourselves so much that the next day our sides were hurting from laughing. A wonderful two days.




Click here to see more sketches.

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