Sunday, 20 January 2013

drawing as stitch

Here are some stitched drawings by Tina. Two are based on everyday scenes observed in her local market. The other was sketched (as a passenger!) on a long car journey.

Tina likes to use a continuous line in some of her drawings. By keeping the pencil on the paper, the line becomes free and the relationship between the subject and the observer are somehow brought intimately together. The line connects elements in the composition, relates disparate and similar subjects, sometimes identifying and repeating patterns, other times contrasting shapes and textures, always drawing the eye round the canvas, exploring how objects relate to one another both in the drawing and in the life Tina observes so beautifully around her.

This is a technique which crosses so-called artistic boundaries, and lends itself perfectly to interpretation through stitch. These drawings have all been resolved through the medium of a sewing machine and plain black thread on cotton.

fish stall, market; black thread on cotton (Tina)
egg stall, market; black thread on cotton (Tina)

a long drive; black thread on cotton (Tina)


  1. This is a really creative new twist on drawing! Have you ever seen this link to Manifest Galleries? They are taking entries for an exhibition on new types of art making... I thought of that when I saw your stitching.

    1. Thanks for the link, Katherine. It looks like a very exciting exhibition. I'll pass the details on to Tina. I love your blog btw, very thoughtful posts. I always learn from them ~Fiona

  2. These are a amazing! A wonderful way to express line.

  3. thank you, eva... stitching the line is so liberating.


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