Saturday, 17 August 2013

summer sketchbooks 2

Sue came back from St. Ives with sketchbooks filled with ink and watercolour studies. Her love for the town and surroundings began when she first went there on holiday as a teenager. Her sketches show great sensitivity of touch and deep affection for the landscape. All her sketchbook work is done from direct observation en plein air.

Here are some of her pen and ink drawings of boats in the harbour:


  1. love it Sue...those sketches just say enough....

  2. These are wonderful drawings. I admire the way the lines so effectively convey the images and the moods of these scenes. I have never visited St. Ives, but I'm intrigued by the place. Did you meet a man with 7 wives, as in the limerick?

  3. Thanks for the appreciative comments, Katherine. What a great limerick.. if a man with seven wives had been there, then Sue would definitely not have noticed him. She was so possessed by her sketching! ~Fiona


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