Sunday, 10 August 2014

Exhibition in Shropshire

Fiona has had a painting accepted for the Whittingham Riddell National Fine Art Open exhibition at Weston Park in Shropshire, showing from 6th August until 27th August.

The painting started as always in a sketchbook; one of a series of quick colour studies of the sky at sunset, looking west over the Irish sea from Aberaeron during the longest days of the year in June. It was then developed from the sketchbook studies, in acrylics and oils on canvas.

'rock melt west'; acrylics, oils on canvas

floating frame

on display at the exhibition

one of the sketchbook studies


  1. This is lovely. I especially like the textures along the shore!

    1. Thanks Eva. The painting needed a foreground to 'ground' the sea to the shore. That particular beach has huge boulders placed as flood defences; once large and incongruous, now weathered and part of the landscape.


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